Your passport to

rejuvenation and joy

Bliss Trips offer opportunities to travel to the inner realms, to reconnect with your spirit, and to create a full and joyful life. Whimsical and yet deeply transformative, they've been described as a "mini-vacation for the mind!"

Guided Imagination Specialist Kerstin Sjoquist combines her background as a certified hypnotherapist and Juilliard-trained actor to create experiences that relax, inspire, and affirm. Check out our audio CDs, and downloadable MP3s.


A Bliss Trip Moment

Don't have time to do a full meditation? Use the mini-Trip below for a Bliss Trip Moment!

  1. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes
  2. Take a few deep breaths and feel yourself relaxing
  3. Let your imagination take you away

You can also being your Trip with a relaxing "Bliss Breath" and music...

(Note: the Trip below is randomly displayed. To see another Trip, just refresh/reload your browser window.)

The elixir of courage is yours to be had...

It rests on the table before you in a luminous glass bottle, the light refracting off the surface. Pick up the container and feel the weight. This liquid carries the power of a thousand warriors mixed with the bravery of every person who has tried something new. Uncork the top and raise it to your lips. Let the sweet nectar flow. Feel yourself filling up from within. Feel your nerve strengthening, a spirit of confidence welling up. Know that you can now face what stands before you with strength and self-assurance. You are filled with power and light...