Your passport to

rejuvenation and joy

Bliss Trips offer opportunities to travel to the inner realms, to reconnect with your spirit, and to create a full and joyful life. Whimsical and yet deeply transformative, they've been described as a "mini-vacation for the mind!"

Guided Imagination Specialist Kerstin Sjoquist combines her background as a certified hypnotherapist and Juilliard-trained actor to create experiences that relax, inspire, and affirm. Check out our audio CDs, and downloadable MP3s.


A Bliss Trip Moment

Don't have time to do a full meditation? Use the mini-Trip below for a Bliss Trip Moment!

  1. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes
  2. Take a few deep breaths and feel yourself relaxing
  3. Let your imagination take you away

You can also being your Trip with a relaxing "Bliss Breath" and music...

(Note: the Trip below is randomly displayed. To see another Trip, just refresh/reload your browser window.)

Open the scrapbook of your life...

Flip through the pages of your memory, fond moments slipping from their resting place in the corners of your mind. These are the good events you choose to collect. Here's a time from your childhood that was particularly delightful. Enjoy it again as the sights, sounds, images and feelings bubble to the surface. Or perhaps you come across a time not so long ago that, nevertheless, has been packed away. Let it come once again to light, as you remember the details. What made it so joyful? What made it so special? Skim through the memories of so many special times. Remember the people. Remember the love. Remember why these memories hold such a special place in your heart...